cynthiasheartlogoLittle becomes much when it’s placed in the hands of someone who has nothing…….

In 1992, Cynthia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which resulted in an array of struggles. Forced to take chemotherapy for a year was painful however,  it could not compare to the to pain of having to watch her children suffer and go without. During her battle with Breast Cancer, Cynthia received support from friends, co-workers and family members. This made a huge difference in her ability and the strength to fight the ugly face of cancer and all that it affects. It was their prayers, their financial support and God’s Love that kept her in the fight. Today, she uses her gifts and talents to help others suffering.  She knows firsthand how hard it is to fight an illness when you’re dealing with the stress and cares of simply meeting the day to day needs of your children and love ones.

Cynthia’s Heart has helped so many hurting families. Whether it’s buying those needed groceries, or making sure Christmas toys are purchased. The goal is to define the need and meet it. With each Cynthia Heart T-shirt purchase, all funds are used to support this goal. We thank you in advance for being a part of the solution. Again, your little will become much when you partner with us to place resources in the hands of those with nothing.